Handling an assignment with a short deadline

The word deadline makes a chill run down the spine for mostly all of us, yet, we have deadlines everywhere. Nobody likes deadlines but we all have to face them every now and then. Managing the workload through a period of close, multiple deadlines, is a challenge for even the most experienced time manager. While many believe in steady strategizing, there are the ones who believe in firm execution of the tasks assigned.

Although, handling an assignment with a short deadline is a challenge but invariably it does invoke a sense of discipline too. Handling an assignment with a short deadline is not easy; nevertheless, it is important that one is well organized and does a good deal of pre-planning. What is detrimental is that we work out a plan, prioritize, and execute. Multitasking is important and set a reward for oneself at the successful completion of the task within the short deadline is important that adds motivation to the task. Both working and leisure are equally important. More so, when one has the pressure of completing an assignment with a short deadline. If we stick to our plan or the timetable that we set, we can be entitled to guilt-free time for having fun and socializing. As we set up day-to-day goals for ourselves to proceed towards meeting up a deadline, a panic factor needs to be avoided or averted by taking regular breaks and giving oneself a breather. Unbelievably, it would actually reinstate oneself on successful completion of the assignment in hand.

We must also set sub-deadlines or smaller deadlines in smaller slots. Distractions and aversions should be kept at a bay for a while. Time management or rather effective time management should be the key word when one has to finish an assignment within a stipulated time or has a short deadline. A sense of commitment here should be the main driving force as failing a deadline could result in falling status. If there is a prompt, workable, realistic plan, achieving deadlines whether short or long should not be an issue. The idea is to follow the plan with utmost discipline and commitment thereby adding less value to the pressure leading to panic and adding more value to the quality of the assignment or work in hand leaving no stone un turned. Someone rightly said, “A deadline is negative inspiration. Still, it’s better than no inspiration at all.”

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