Software Tools for More PhD Productivity

PhD productivity is the most common struggle that almost all PhD scholars go through. You have lots of things to do that are to be done quickly and effectively if you want to finish your project in time. This is where software tools come into the picture. While choosing a software tool you should bear in mind that you are choosing a simple software that you can use without hassle, and that can synchronise your data. Here are software tools that can help you during PhD.

  • Mendeley

This is the best software for managing and sharing research papers. Download the papers that you want to read, and save them in Mendeley software. You can store, share, and cite your work. You can also annotate other information, and collaborate with other researchers worldwide. This also enables you to boost your career in science and technology jobs.

  • Evernote

Evernote software application helps you organize your notes including handwritten, tables, attachments, audios etc, at one place. You don’t need to bookmark web pages. Use this tool and save everything in it. You can save journals, newsletters, research projects, reading lists, notes, meetings, group projects, and much more.

  • Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a task management application. It allows you to manage your all tasks. You just enlist your tasks in this app. This will help you stay organised, and finish your tasks in time. Now you don’t need to be worried about missing deadlines. You can also share your work with your experts and research team through this app. The app can synchronise your to-do list on any device such as Windows, Mac, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Dropbox

Dropbox helps in synchronisation of not only papers and notes, but photos and other documents such as PowerPoint, Photoshop sketch etc too. It can create a folder in your computer consisting of all files and documents that are synchronised to other computer systems. So you can access your files anytime, anywhere. You can share your files with anyone. This application enables you to share even big files.

  • Virtualbox

There are so many software applications that are not backed by specific windows and devices. You don’t need to be worried. Just install a Virtualbox in your system, and then install a needed software application. 

  • SpellCheckPlus


This tool helps make your writing piece better. It emphasizes on correct spellings and sentence-structure. It also provides feedback that helps you improve your overall writing.

  • Docear

Docear is literature management tool. It can help you discover, organize and create academic literature. You can sort your documents and annotations into categories. You can draft papers, assignments, and thesis using a  variety of tools from PDF management to mind mapping. 

  • PowerPoint

PowerPoint slides are embraced by many research boards as this tool helps display information accurately. In fact, you have already been familiar with this. However, you should ask your advisors which tool can be benign for the best presentation apart from PowerPoint.


PhD thesis proposal should be prepared with a chain of logic

Thesis proposal is a very important step that needs to be written with perfection. Students should submit thesis proposal before writing the actual thesis. By writing a perfect thesis proposal, PhD students and researchers will be able to proceed on a certain path. Thesis proposal help students in completing their PhD journey with ease. If the university approves the thesis proposal, then the probabilities of reaching the target becomes more. Hence, thesis proposal is of great importance in PhD. It decides the path and direction of the research work. There are a number of ways to write a thesis proposal. Students are required to write thesis proposal by considering the logic of the topic.

The logic that is applied in thesis proposal can be used later during various stages of research like – data collection, research methodology, interpreting results and deriving conclusions. Researchers may find the logic to be very beneficial during the phase of writing literature review. Most of the students face problems while preparing thesis proposal. Such students can seek for the assistance of reliable thesis writing companies. is a leading writing company in India that assists PhD students in writing effective thesis proposals. To avail the benefits of services provided by this company, students are required to login into the website and fill the form with their requirements and specifications. Students will be contacted at the earliest.

Exploring the actual work of a thesis proof-reader

Most of the research scholars across the globe are unclear as to what exactly do the thesis proofreaders do when they receive a document for proofreading purpose. Well, this blog of mine would assist such students in learning everything that comes under the scope of work that is performed by a thesis proof-reader.

1The basic job of a thesis proof reader is to polish your document to perfection. You can rest assured about the 100% error-free nature of your research document once you provide it to an expert proof-reader for proofreading purpose. Here is a point-wise explanation regarding the tasks that are actually performed by a thesis proof-reader:-

  • Identifying necessary changes – The proof-reader would create a copy of your original thesis document and mark any amendments that are required for the same. These amendments would primarily include highlighting punctuation, spelling, syntax and grammatical errors.
  •  Esuring consistency in the usage of language and grammar within the document – Another task that is being performed by the thesis proof-reader is to ensure that the language and grammar used throughout the research paper is consistent. If necessary, the proofreading expert would correct the language wherever required.
  • Checking the formatting of the thesis paper – The proof-reader would look out for any kind of formatting issues within the document and ensure that the paper is being drafted using the formatting guidelines that have been prescribed by the concerned university/institute. In reference to formatting the paper, the proofreaders would check whether the page numbers are consecutive, headings are correct, all figures and tables are correctly references and all the quotations and citations have been presented in an appropriate manner.

Once you’re done with the selection of the best proof-reader, it would become quite convenient for you to submit a polished paper to your professors. With internet becoming a hub for thesis writing services, you can easily find a reputed thesis proof-reader online. This proofreading expert would look into the fact that your thesis comes out brilliantly and you’re able to grab an excellent score for the same.

Using brochures for defending your thesis

Thesis defence is considered to be the most frightening activities for research scholars because they need to encounter a whole bunch of questions from the experts. Most of the doctoral candidates spend a whole lot of time in brainstorming and conceptualizing the important aspects related to the thesis paper.

1With a professional presentation of the thesis during the defence session, it becomes quite convenient for the research students to convey the actual meaning of the research question in focus. With all the importance attached to presenting the thesis in an appealing manner, most of the doctoral candidates have started opting for brochure printing services. Having actual collaterals aside from the printed manuscript (dissertation/thesis) could actually interest the panel of research experts and the student would be able to grab excellent grades for his/her research project.

Brochures aid the research scholars in the professional presentation of their research report. With handy brochures, the panel can actually pass along the research project and browse it in a much more elaborate manner. These brochures contain the outline and a brief description of the proposal. The scholars can even add the timeline of campaign, charts, tables, diagrams and other visual stuff on their brochures so as to make them more laudable. In addition to this, the students can even include other intrinsic details regarding their research project which can actually assist the panel of experts at the defence session; to understand and assimilate the actual theme behind the research. Brochures assist the research students in showcasing their proposed designs in the most professional manner. To sum it up, using brochures during the thesis defence session can actually act as a confidence booster for the doctoral student and he/she can easily come out with flying colours.