Guidance Process

At PhD Guidance, we offer guidance for completing doctoral research at every stage. Whether you are at the nascent stage of selecting a topic or developing a proposal OR if you have already advanced enough and require help with analysis, we can offer customised service to overcome the bottleneck. You can hire a PhD guide to get regular guidance.

Over the years, we have streamlined the process of consulting. Here are some noteworthy points pertaining to this process:

1. Direct consultation: Our objective through this service is to offer direct mentoring and guidance from our consultants to the candidate. However, to avoid inconvenience to both, only email mode to contact is offered. Further, on request a weekly update call can be organised.

2. Work/Consultation is offered as skeleton mode in the first stage. After a few iterations to this basic structure, a draft is presented which is then deliberated upon, and in the final stage, work goes to the editor who polishes and finishes the write up.

3. Statistician involved (If any) also works in the similar fashion as above, however, a more collaborative approach. Statistician would discuss the research design, data clean up and various other specifics before suggesting the correct solution.

4. Changes/Revision: You can ask for revision in write up or research design backed with sound rationale. However, since we are not just a writing service and we work in collaborative approach, revisions are limited to upto 30 days of the submission of work from our side. Beyond 30 days, we do not commit if we will be able to provide revisions and if yes, they will be chargeable extra.

5. Query resolution: You get to reach out to the consultant for a period of 45 days from the day we finished the consultation. Query resolution is limited to three times strictly through email. Any further consultation required will be chargeable extra.

You can write to us at for further queries.

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