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The significance of a doctorate and a cumbersome process of research demand a PhD guide. However, it becomes a challenge for the PhD Guides to manage counselling the students at different stages of research because of time constraints. A PhD guide is the one who is devoted to students by the University to support them throughout their study process. He is the one who needs to ascertain progress of a scholar and guide him time to time as per the requirements of the study.

However, it sometimes becomes difficult to synchronize the thoughts and expectations of the scholar and the guide. This may cause a reverse effect on the reference material provided or suggested by the guide, because of which they may lose focus and right direction to work. Whereas, a good research work by scholars, for sure needs a constant support, counselling, discussions, constructive and critical review, inspiring innovative and new ways of working.

This is when a Surrogate PhD Guide comes into the picture. As a scholar needs dedicated and regular attention from the guide, who can advise and answer the queries along the PhD. Regular counselling helps in completing the PhD successfully within the stipulated time.
PhD guidance offers a support in a unique way when a scholar is stuck and not able to get regular guidance from the PhD guide due to unavailability of guide or lack of proper communication.

How can a Surrogate Guide help?

  • Effective communication with throughout the process of research
  • Pro-active Counselling and direction to work
  • Consultation on topic selection for thesis
  • Guidance on how to carry out writing process of thesis
  • Consultation on identification of objectives, methodology and statistical tests to apply
  • Support in finding relevant reference material, research problems and related elements for PhD
  • Liberty to contact via phone, email and chat

What surrogate service offers?

You can select from a range of packages for consultation by Surrogate guide. Below are the details about these packages:


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Surrogate guide support will not do the following

  • Writing chapters for you
  • Data collection
  • Formatting
  • Signing your thesis
  • Coordinating with your Institute or University

How will I coordinate with my guide?

  • You can have scheduled calls, emails, chat sessions, Skype conversations with the guide.
  • Any tangible documents could be shared through postal communication or courier.
  • You can have discussions and exchange ideas with the guide over any of your thoughts or study related aspirations.
  • Relevant reference papers and material could be referred by the guide or even shared in form of soft or hard copies.

Why do you need a surrogate guide?

  • Not able to get an appropriate idea about Topic
  • Unavailability of direct guidance by the University PhD Guide
  • Difficulty getting relevant reference papers for the study
  • Inability to formulate appropriate methodology for questionnaire
  • Unable to identify the respondents for data collection
  • Facing numerous troubles in doing data collection
  • Not possessing required skills for using latest tools for statistical analysis or implementation
  • Unable to summarise the findings and discussions in a desired format
  • Above all, time constraint for those who are employed and find it difficult to cover up for research work without guidance

Workflow in process of surrogate guidance

  • Regular update on the status of project progress
  • 14 days review of the discussions done in form of a report
  • Pre-Scheduled phone and Skype calls
  • Flow of reference materials via emails and postal communication
  • A network of suggestions and feedbacks for the research work
  • Regular counselling and encouragement for improvement in the key areas


1. How can I communicate with the guide?
Ans. There are open options for you; you can communicate through emails, skype, phone calls with prior appointment.

2. Can I call at any time I feel I have a doubt or query?
Ans. It would be better in case voice calls are prescheduled. Your guide can keep himself/herself free so that you can have detailed discussion and could clarify the queries precisely.

3. Will I get a support in writing the thesis?
Ans. The guide will support you throughout the research work, but writing and compilation of the project will be done by you. However, guide will help you with preparation of layout of chapters, research design, questionnaire design and plan of analysis

4. What if I am stuck at any point getting the reference material for literature?
Ans. If required, the guide can even share the reference material or suggest any online library or base to get the relevant material for the study. Since most of our guides are faculties/readers at Universities, they can advise you on where to source the material from.

5. What if I am unable to contact the guide for a period of time in between for any personal reasons say about for 2 months or so?
Ans. You can submit an application mentioning the reason for such a break. We can consider it and accordingly extend the time period of package.

6. Suppose my guide is not responding to me promptly and avoiding my phone calls, or I am not satisfied with the guidance provided, is there any recourse?
Ans. You can share this feedback with the support team and we can consider this issue and find a solution.

7. In case, I want a review of whatever chapters I have covered in between, so that I am aware I am going in right direction, will my guide provide a support to review the chapters?
Ans. Sure, the guide can proofread and review your chapter and suggest you accordingly to improve quality or with any relevant inputs.

How to get started

You can write in with details of your topic, current stage of your work, issue you are currently facing and package you wish to subscribe to us at info@phdguidance.org. Our team shall further explain the process and terms of this service over phone to you and thereupon we shall send you non-disclosure agreement and contract. Once you sign and pay the applicable fees, your order will be set up in 3-4 working days. You will have the option to make payment in equal monthly instalments in advance.

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