Proposal/Synopsis Stage

PhD Topic, Problem Statement and Proposal Help

This stage is the first step taken toward doing your actual PhD research. Before you develop a research proposal/synopsis, you need to be clear about your thoughts and ideas so these may be summated in the form of this document. Submitting a proposal to your supervisors or committee members makes them approve or disapprove it. Since their decision can influence whether you would actually go ahead with your study or not, it is critical to pay attention to this document.

Help offered: 

  1. Topic Consultation
  2. Problem Statement
  3. Base Paper
  4. Developing the Proposal

Areas Covered:

  1. Management
  2. Engineering – CS, IT, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical
  3. Science
  4. Mathematics
  5. English Literature
  6. Commerce
  7. Law
  8. Biotechnology

It is important to develop your synopsis/proposal in accordance with your institution’s guidelines. Proposal can also become a criterion of admission to a PhD course at times. Still, it is a formal document that determines the boundaries within which you need to operate.

It should state an outline for your entire study. The structure of a proposal usually includes the introduction to your research problem, literature review, methodology, expected results, and limitations involved. Thus, you should be ready with a pilot study plan that informs about your identified respondents. You should also be ready with significant number of studies that could help in outlining your research’s scope, limitations and theoretical foundation.

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