Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research Assistance for PhD

When you perform qualitative research, you mostly study the context of a problem and the involved issues in order to find answers to your research problem. Qualitative research generally uses techniques, such as observation and personal interviews, to answer questions. It requires you to study the behavior of participants for assessing the causes of certain events and actions displayed by them. Qualitative approach varies significantly from quantitative in the sense that it investigates the ‘how and why’ of things.

Through a qualitative study, you can understand an unknown phenomenon and find out its causes. Several causal explanations in ethnographic research are now provided through such qualitative studies. This approach is adopted by a range of studies performed in the field of social sciences, including grounded theory studies. Ranging from content analysis and the study of journals to taking field notes, there are several methods of data collection used by qualitative studies.

Using these methods, you may understand the context of problems and narrate your data. Through our qualitative data analysis services, we assist you in formulating your research objectives and questions. We ensure to consider your study goals before providing suitable solutions. While supporting you with such analysis, we follow both mechanical and interpretative methods.

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