Research Methodology

Research Methodology for PhD Thesis/Dissertation

Research methodology is the basis of your study. When you write about it, you require having an intensive knowledge of all aspects of research. You not only need to develop it well, but also require executing your ideas with precision. While many research students think about their data collection tools when they start writing about the methodology, it is also important to look at some other aspects according to Saunders.

Saunders gave the concept of a research onion, according to which several stages need to be covered while developing a strategy. One may ask questions related to the chosen philosophy of research, as well as its adopted approach, strategy, etc. When such questions are over, then the question related to data collection methods should surface. Some important points to be noted in this concept include the following:

• The type of reality you have been investigating triggers some beliefs. The set of such beliefs is termed as the research philosophy. Its assumptions actually justify your methodology.
• How you understand research philosophy can be categorized in three ways that include ontology, epistemology and axiology. Each of the thought processes differs in the approach you adopt toward the understanding of your methodology.
• While the philosophy of positivism assumes that the reality is independent of subjects, the philosophy of constructivism assumes that observations are interpreted based on subjects’ response differences.
• The deductive approach of research is regarding the deduction of hypotheses from theories, making them operational, and testing them. On the other hand, the inductive approach is regarding the building up of theories based on people’s ways of interpreting certain events.

Based on your research topic and its intrinsic qualities, the choice between primary and secondary data or between qualitative and quantitative research is made. When there are specific queries and their contexts, answers are sought through a mixed kind of methodology. If you are finding it all somewhat complex to understand, then you may consult our research guides who can suggest you on picking up the right methodology for your research.

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